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Donald James Parker is a rebel with a cause and is the author of nine novels, seven of which he considers culture-flash fiction. His goal is to promote God's kingdom and tear down strongholds of the enemy while he provides entertainment. He writes for The Christian Pulse, Examiner.Com, and The ebooks of all his novels are available for free download from his website at All of Don's books promote sexual purity, but two are especially focused on that topic - Love Waits and Homeless Like Me. The novels that attack the theory of human evolution include More Than Dust in the Wind, All the Voices of the Wind, and All the Fury of the Wind. Reforming the Potter's Clay is an attack on the occult. All the Stillness of the Wind is a spiritual odyssey which spotlights cheap grace and lukewarm living.

Send the Light

I had originally planned to give a tutorial on how to use Create Space to publish your book and distribute it through the Internet market for the smallest amount of money, but a cheaper and more attractive alternative came along. How does free sound?

How’d you like to forego paying setup and maintenance fees and instead spend more money in getting a quality edit and scintillating cover for your book? If you’re considering using one of those publication assistance companies that collect several hundred or thousand dollars for each title, you could be making a big mistake. Publishing your books shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, because, frankly, it is a lot easier to type with two hands. The companies taking your hard-earned money to publish your book are making a lot of money, something very few authors are doing. Do yourself a favor and look into learning to do as much as you can yourself and outsourcing those other tasks to people who specialize in those areas—like the following companies I’d like to introduce.

Last September in this column, I featured a new printing company called Snowfall Press, about which I said that if it could distribute to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other outlets, it would become a force in the industry. We are about to see if my prediction comes true. Snowfall Press has connected with a distribution company called Advocate Distribution Services, which is a child company of STL, Send the Light. The best news is that STL is a Christian organization that is working to further the kingdom. How great is that? You get a wonderful deal and become part of an army that is distributing materials that will challenge the Devil and the corps of writers he has employed (see more on this in next month’s column). This coordinated effort is a kingdom principle. You can help Snowfall and STL by using them to print and distribute your books, and they can help you by offering their services at no setup cost. It’s a win-win situation.

STL has connections with bookstores, distributes a catalog of products they have available, provides print on demand (POD), and offers other options such as warehousing. Check them out!

Here’s the process: Create (or pay someone to do it for you) pdf files for the cover and manuscript, upload your book to Snowfall, and register that book with ADS (STL) for print on demand service. (You must be approved before using their services.) Two to four weeks after you submit to ADS, your book will appear on the sales outlets. (I submitted my books to ADS last week and already the books are listed on Amazon—just no picture yet and shows not in stock.)

Now I can have the best of both worlds because I don’t risk any up-front money, and my books will be for sale from many outlets. The only cost is an ISBN number. I need to print proofs to make sure everything looks good. I can pay $8 for a proof copy. There is no charge at this time to keep my book available for print on demand distribution. This means my books will never go out of print and yet don’t cost anything to keep available.

Everything is stored on a computer, and the process is automated (or soon will be) from start to finish. Eliminating manual labor reduces costs.

Adazing produces covers for $450 . Though I’ve not worked with the following companies that produce covers, you might check with them about their services: Mike Bennett Graphics, and Christian Book Design.

I’d love to hear from anyone who knows of other quality providers of these services at reasonable prices. E-mail me at I’ll share that information in future articles.


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