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Strong, Sensitive Type

Daniel glared at Craig as the door to his brother’s ranch-style home opened. “Remind me why I’m doing this.”

Craig widened the door to let him in. “Because I have awesome taste in women, and I wouldn’t let you down.”

Daniel ran his hand through his shoulder-length brown hair. “Just ’cause Jenny had a bad moment when she married you doesn’t make you a babe magnet.” He shook his head. “Still can’t figure that one out.”

“Uncle Daniel!”

The sight of Craig’s ten-year-old daughter, Tanya, with a brush of hair growing back after chemo, warmed his heart. She’d endured worse things than many adults had to and she was still able to smile. He’d do just about anything for her.

A dark-skinned girl followed her from the bedroom.

“This is my best friend, Anisha.”

Daniel gave Anisha the “uncle” grin and mussed her hair. “Nice to meet ya, Anisha.”

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