Daisy Chain
Joyce Magnin

Real Life Is Stranger

Nerves on a Plane

I am sitting at the Philadelphia airport on my way to the ACFW conference. I’m thinking about nerves. You’d think I’d be pondering the conference and all the good times waiting to be had. But no, not me. I’m thinking about nerves.

Nerves are a funny. When a person does a particularly daring deed, we say, “Boy, she has some nerve to do that.” 
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Loree Lough

Loree's Lough Down

He said, she said … and “ZEN” what?

It seems that every writer I talk with these days is struggling to meet book deadlines. The enemy?


I once read that distractions are responsible for 80 percent of the wasted time—and lack of productivity—in every office, everywhere, regardless of the profession or industry. No way I believe that. If the number had been 90 percent? Now, that I’d believe.

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Caroline Friday

At the Movies


The Kendrick brothers have become two of my favorite filmmakers, with Fireproof and Facing the Giants being on the list of our family’s favorite films. Perhaps these movies don’t tout A-list talent or the cinematography and film technology that is common in a Hollywood movie, but the stories are timeless. Just a week ago, I pulled Fireproof off the shelf and watched it again. My husband and I had seen it at the theater on opening weekend and loved it. 

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