Snow Day
Kathy Carlton Willis

For Readers

Visit Your Book Matchmaker at the Library

Isn’t it funny that when the kids go back to school, we adults seem to hunker down and get into a more normal routine as well? And that’s true whether we have schoolchildren or not! One of the ways we dive back into a fall schedule is to get back into our book reading routine. We visit the library more. And we wonder, “What do I read now?”

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Lori Copeland

Genre Happenings

Christian Genre Fiction

Christian genre fiction covers a large arena. When I entered the market ten years ago, it was vastly different from today. Before 1998, I had written secular romance novels—fifty to be exact—for various publishers like Dell, Random House, and Avon. If success is counted by the amount of contracts one garners, I was vastly successful.

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Nancy Rue

For Writers

Getting Some of It on You:
Breathe Life into Fiction

Ulysses gave instructions for starting our motorcycles, using the terms we learned the night before for all the switches and doohickeys. None of them looked like they did on the diagram in the workbook. By the time I actually got mine started, I was ready to throw up.

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Brandilyn Collins

Making A Scene

Subtexting In Dialogue
Part 1

Many times when people talk, they don’t say what they mean. Their words are on one level, and the meaning lies underneath. The meaning may not have much at all to do with the spoken words. This is called subtexted dialogue.

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Kathi Macias

Author By Night

Author By Night...not

When I got the “author by night” assignment, I thought, Hmm… When was the last time I was up late enough that it qualified as “night”? Been awhile, I’m afraid.

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Can you think of a column?