The Hardest Thing To Do


POD and Self-Publishing

Donald James Parker

Send the Light

I had originally planned to give a tutorial on how to use Create Space to publish your book and distribute it through the Internet market for the smallest amount of money, but a cheaper and more attractive alternative came along. How does free sound?

How’d you like to forego paying setup and maintenance fees and instead spend more money in getting a quality edit and scintillating cover for your book? If you’re considering using one of those publication assistance companies that collect...

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Nora St. Laurent


A Kansas Book Club

I have the pleasure of introducing co-leaders of a Kansas book club that are members of The Book Club Network. Lori Schultz lives in a small town in central Kansas. She is a stay-at-home mom to six children. In addition to her co-leading her local Christian book club, Lori is a member of a classic Christian book club. She is involved in her church and community through various volunteer positions. She enjoy lattes, books,

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Adele Annesi

Word For Words

From the Editor’s Desk: Building a Bibliography

In preparing for a recent workshop, I updated the bibliography and organization list I use as a handout for the class and was struck by the importance of keeping this a living document updated with each new find. See which resources from this partial roster you already have in your reference library.

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Janice Hanna Thompson

Supplementing Your Habit

The Lord Said to Noah, “Persevere!”

Are you exhausted? Weary with trying? Feel like giving up . . . on writing, submitting, earning a paycheck with your articles or books? Guess what? You’re in good company! We live in an age when people are easily overwhelmed. Workloads are higher, stress levels are higher, expectations are higher . . . Often we feel like giving up. Writers are no different.

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